In August 2016, we noticed a skinny little pup wandering around the street in front of our shop. He was obviously malnourished, with matting fur speckled across his coat, and quite the shy disposition. Abandoned, we assumed. 


Later into the evening...

...he nosed himself into the complex and we immediately attempted to convince the dog to let us pet him with leftover KFC chicken tenders. After a little bit of coaxing, and a lot of bit of consistency, we were best friends ever since. The picture above is the first night he found us. We grabbed him some dog food and water and left him in the complex for the night to find out if he was chipped the next day. He wasn’t!
And so pupperz immediately got a bath.

We went though so many cliche motorcycle related names...

...for him in the following week. We tried Vale, Rossi, Sprocket, and even Highside. Nothing stuck. We wanted something strong, and dignifying for such a dog. Perhaps a Greek God’s name of some sort. Achilles. But spelled “Ikillez”. After providing Ikillez with a wholesome meal every day, he is now 90lbs and counting! It is beyond us why anyone would abandon such a brilliant animal, but  rest-assured their misjudgment is our blessing! For the most part. I jest. Everyday, we work with him and the feedback is amazing.

14052507_1784813521793514_121003949_n (1).jpg

Look at that fucking face.